Tuesday, July 12, 2011

cute things

Emma is starting to talk in fuller sentences. She will ask us "what are you doing" all the time and if Im in the kitchen she will add cocina to the end of that sentence. She will now ask us to "read her books" in both spanish and english and she loves to help us clean up. My favorite part of the day is when she wakes ups. Even if she just has her eyes slightly cracked open, if she sees me, she quickly stands up and runs to me and hugs me. She gets this slightly startled/scared look on her face , as if I m going to abandon her. Then she holds on just little longer. Yesterday in the car she started making silly noises and after she did that, she laughed and said "Emma you're so funny" and "Emma is crazy". She cracks me up and it cracks me up her ability to already knowingly be a comedian.
She also is doing voices. When she plays with her toys she will make the voice for Goofy and Minnie. She has such a good ear. I love watching her play with her toys.

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