Monday, July 11, 2011

Emma the street performer

So yesterday we took her and the kids to the Natural History Museum and Emma was super cranky and wound up. She really loves Juan and I think she is trying to impress him or something. She still calls him nene, and will hold his hand and hug him and laugh with him. Anyway, we took them to the museum and then crossed the park so he could get a chance to experience the beauty that is Central Park. As we are walking Emma hears some drums playing in the distance, and like Pavlov's dog, she starts dancing. When we get to the guy with the drums she just stops and stares at him and dances for him. The he lets her bang one of his drums and Emma takes that as an invitation to sit next to him and take control over his second drum. Emma starts beating the drum and then starts singing the exact same tune that he had been singing for her. It was kinda creepy but really neat to see how attune her ears are. He was impressed. He called her bright and energetic and said she had a good sense of music. I kinda already knew that and we all joke how she will be an artist...I sigh because I want her to be a doctor or a lawyer...something practical yet financially secure. Anyway, I love how social and gregarious and fearless my daughter is. I should totally set up camp in a subway one day and see how much money we can make!!!

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