Friday, July 8, 2011

4th of July!

all aboard

no B, this is how you do a reverse pike

catch me if you can!!

I'll try some of that there.

E likes her men to have a little salt and pepper

she acts as if she owns 5th Ave.

My cousin from Mexico is visiting us for the next two weeks and I have had a blast showing her around the city. I feel like I'm 20 to travel, with no worries. It has just been us two girls and I must say I love discovering all these things the city has to offer and which I have taken for granted. We have walked all over Manhattan, done the Highline, MoMA, Met and on the 4th of July we had a nice picnic in Central Park. The food was delish and my dear friend, and partner in crime, joined us for the mini celebration. Emma loves being outdoors and is quiet social. There was a nice family next to us with two little girls, around Emma's age, who had all these toys, balloons and a tent. Emma of course, not being shy, just made her self cozy in their little tent. They were so kind to share their balloons and even take Emma on a ride on their wagon. It was a great day.

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