Monday, May 23, 2011


you can see how close we were to her as we ate lunch.

here we go, it's our turn

nope, not having it.

I was so excited to get an email letting us know that Olivia would be making an appearance at the Bronx Zoo this weekend. So we got ready on Sunday and made our way over there. Emma remembers the zoo and got so excited as we parked the car. She started saying "animales" and "okay okay okay". So we had time to kill and did the carousel and saw some bears. Then there was a line to get your picture taken with Olivia so Ant waited in line while E and I went to have some lunch. While we were eating we saw Olivia approach and stand just feet away from us. Emma was smiling and waving at Olivia, telling her hello. So we joined the line and when it got to our turn, Emma quickly put the brakes on! She refused to go and when I picked her up to stand next to Olivia, she started shrieking like a banshee and crying these huge tears. It was as if I had repierced her ears again. She couldn't even look at Olivia. It was mildly embarrassing and even weird as we walked away, Emma waved and told Olivia "bye bye". I guess she just wasn't ready to see her face to face...anyway..

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