Tuesday, May 17, 2011

emma's way of talking

Emma is a chatter box, unfortunately for her, most of it is is only understood by her and Gato. She is also very expressive and loves to use her hands when telling me something. I love how her mind works and she will find ways to describe new things with words she already knows. For example, she can say the proper names to most article of clothing. She is knows in Spanish and English how to say socks, shoes, pants, shirts, dress, jacket and pyjamas. Since it has been so cold up here E has not worn shorts, but in Tampa she would wear her shorts all the time. The other night I was putting her jammies on and she didnt want to wear the long pants. She requested to have "baby pants" put on. She did so in her usual cute way, "no, no quieres pants, quiero baby pants". It was too much. And another cute example was last week she saw a lady gardening and she told me that the lady was "cleaning her trees". She is so cute....a punk who loves to torture Gato, but she is a doll.

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