Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I heart covered bridges

ninj was one with nature

I love her little bear vest from Gymboree

she loved our first scenic, road side stop...

so proud at going to the bathroom outdoors for the first time

This past weekend we took a nice little vacation to Vermont. We have always wanted to go but just never had the time. I must say Vermont is a dream. The landscape is just so lush and awe inspiring, and just the way of living up there. It is so clean, so honest. You can feel a sense of community and everyone is so aware of how they can help out the earth. It really is the green state with recycle bins everywhere and even a few compost bins. It was just a dream. The scenery, so green and lush, the leaves, red, yellow and orange. E had a great time. We hit up Burlington and Woodstock and hope to go back one day to explore more of the little towns.

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