Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sasha's party

I was so happy and excited to be able to attend one of my childhood friend's daughter's birthday party. It was a tea party and Emma had to go dressed to the nines. Emma is not a girly girl, but she does enjoy dresses and tea parties. They even had a Snow White, walking around and reading stories to the kids. The best part of the party was the face painter. I thought for sure Emma would not want her face painted as she hates people touching her face and hair. I also know da ninj cannot stand still for one second, but the minute she saw one boy with tiger face, she wanted one. All the other girls got butterflies but Emma wanted the tiger. She sat so still and was so happy when she saw her reflection! She refused to take off the paint when we got home and the next day she ran to the mirror to see herself and got all sad when she didn't see a tiger. I think I am going to have to practice my face painting now. Anyway, it made me really happy and proud to know that my child is independent, fierce and fearless and knew what she wanted.

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