Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Emma turns three



I want this one

like father like daughter

I'm this many

Emma's actual birthday was Sept 25 and I cannot believe she is three. I remember those weeks leading up to her birth, how I barely felt a braxton hicks contraction and strangers would take the time to tell me just how huge I was. She was after all, a big baby, almost 9lbs and 21.25 inches long. She was born fitting into 3 months clothing and now, barely three, she wears a 5T. I remember wondering what she would look like and feel, I was both anxious and numb. Now I cannot imagine my life without her. I feel that after three years I finally feel comfortable being a mom. I feel that bliss I have heard other moms talk about, that extreme love you have for your child. I have always loved Emma, but I have struggled with my role as a mom and the whole balancing act is still a balancing act, but I do feel it starts to getting easier.
Anyway, her day started off quiet. I unfortunately had to work that day so I woke up extra early to take her to Barnes and Noble so she could pick out a treat and book. Then after work we took her to see the Lion King at the movies and spent way too much money but the experience was fun. Finally at night we did the cake and opened presents and she was so happy! I love watching her little face light up.

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