Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Angelina Ballerina 3rd Birthday

handmade party invites...such fun to make

the table, small but filled with love and little details

my first time working with fondant and I must say I like how my bows came out

fun with the hipstamic prints

my banner that I made with all my new tools, I love Michaels!

I got the fondant custom made cake topper from Brandee Dent at FondantFads

My Emma rosettes are my pride. They took forever to make but look so lovely.

lovely printable bunting I got at the The TomKat Studio

marshmallow pops!

the personalized water bottles were the party favors

E's birthday wreath-this is a keeper!

just change the number each year!

I had a small birthday for Emma in NY to celebrate with our few, yet dear circle of friends. I decided to do an Angelina b-day party, as Emma is a quite a fan, and it was too late for me to plan a large scale Angelina party for her back home. The setting was scaled back but I tried to spare no expense when it came to the details. As with my Olivia Party, there isn't a lot of Angelina party items out there, so this party was truly hand made! I had a blast making each item and I know I will be be able to use the banner and wreath for next year's celebration. It was a great day, very simple but Emma had fun, and that is all that matters. I cannot believe she is 3!!!

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