Tuesday, June 21, 2011

cute things

Emma has been really good these past few days. Im trying hard to keep my cool and go past just saying "no" to her. Im trying to explain in detail why I am saying no and then have her focus on something else. I believe in energy and I feel she is picking up on my calmer demeanor. She will now say, "we friends" and asks for "moma con migo". She plays so nicely on her own and I love watching her play with her little toys, making them talk to each other. I love how she is trying to be more gentle with poor Gato and makes sure they eat their lunch. It is funny watching her try and corral Ephy into the kitchen, because Ephy knows to stay at least 5 feet away from her. She loves to help me while I'm in the kitchen and will pass me dishes. I have a red oven mitt and the other day she found the red case for her DVD player and took it to her play kitchen and was using it as an oven mitt. She is getting better at listening to my threats of time out and loves to snuggle at 3 in the morning. Now that is painful for me but when I look down and she is hugging me it makes it alright. This morning as I woke up to her next, my eyes went down to meet hers and she just light up and smiled at me and gently kissed my face. Oh ninj...i do love you!

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  1. Emma is one of my favorite cute things. Hands down!