Thursday, June 9, 2011


I'm off on an new adventure.

jeans, Old Navy
top, Zara
vest, Gap
hat, momma's

she loves her gramma

always running

making her Blue Steel face and sporting my Anthroplogie necklace.

getting stronger

you can't catch me

I want to touch it

Philly is a short drive from the city..I mean in an hour and half you are in a new state, city, environment. You really cant beat that. I will miss that about living up north. How close everything is. I mean in Florida, in an hour and half you are maybe in a new county. Anyway, we took my mom to Philly and we had a really nice, calm day. We spent most of the time at the Museum of Art and it was splendid. It was pay what you wish and they were having a Family Day. The ninj and her papa did some art while my mom and me had a chance to see most of the museum in peace. Granted the second half was typical. Emma running and trying to climb ancient artifacts, yelling and thinking its funny to be chased. It is funny because I saw this other couple that had a boy version of Emma and a little baby. The father's expression was one I knew all to well. I wonder how it will be if there ever is a baby ninja, or baby Buddha, as we both feel we might get the complete opposite of Emma the second time around.
Anyway, Emma did some arts, the ran around the entrance steps, she actually napped and we were able to walk the historic streets, see the Liberty Bell and have some nice lunch at Ariana, our favorite Afghan restaurant. We then went to Franklin's Fountain, THE beat ice cream ever. The place is meant to look like the turn of the century and just going there is an experience. You see the staff in costume, they only take cash and use paper cups, straws and sell vintage candy.
Since we just introduced Emma to ice cream at the beginning of the year, and she has become quiet a fan, we didn't want her to miss out on the Franklin experience. The only problem is she was still sleeping and she HATES to be woken up. She becomes a little banshee. So I tried a new approach. I gently dabbed some chocolate ice cream on her lips and could see her toss and show signs of getting irritated. Then I dabbed some more and she smacked her lips and sat right up, eyes still closed and said with such tenderness, "ice cream". She grabbed her little cup and pulled it into her and continued to eat, with her eyes half closed. It was really sweet and funny. Nothing comes between Emma and her ice cream.

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