Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bean town

helping gramma

at the children's museum

emma is always on her best behavior during nap time

she calls this the bumble bee...????

My mom has always wanted to visit the New England states. I had always thought it would be an adventure we would share as a family with both my parents. My mom is finally able to travel now, I guess worry free. She never wanted to leave my father alone. So her first request was Boston. We love Boston and have been 4 times prior to this trip. This is also Emma's second time there. We stayed a weekend and got a suite, which is really the way to go when you have a child. It was a great weekend. The weather was amazing and the food was delicious. My mom treated us to lobster and we got canolis from our favorite pastry shop, Mike's Pastry. We did the freedom trail and Emma got a chance to go to the playground and the aquarium and the children's museum. I must stay that the children's museum in Boston is hands down the best one we have been to so far. I got a family membership and we have already been to the one in Tampa, Norwalk and Manhattan. Boston is amazing. It is huge, not crowded, by the water and has so many interesting things kids can do and learn about. Really great. We will be back in the fall. And the aquarium was just lovey but super crowded. I mean the layout is fantastic, but it was impossible to really see the fish and enjoy being there.
So it felt good to be away and show my mom the city. She really loved it. She really wants to go to Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire and Montreal. I have to plan when this can all happen. I see a grand farewell to the north east in my future.

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