Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Father's day came and it was just like Mother's day, very relaxing, no agenda, just us three enjoying the day. I decided to treat Ant to a movie, as it seems to be a tradition I'd like to start. For his first father's day I took him to see UP. It was Emma's first movie experience ever, and of course she slept through the whole thing. So this year we went to see Kung Foo Panda and it was hilarious, heart warming and action packed! I actually went to see the first one while I was pregnant and I remember Emma kicking up a storm when the action scenes came on and the loud music was playing. Emma always responded to the beat of drums inside my belly. Afterward we went to Whole Foods to get some lunch and brought it to a nice park to eat. Emma of course was enjoying the great playground and it was just a very enjoyable day.

For his gifts, I made Ant a couple of things. The first was a little card that Emma helped me make. I saw the idea at the blog A Day in the Life, and saw how easy it was to do. Emma loves giving me her hand and now knows it is how she signs cards. Then I bought this sweet book, I love My Daddy by Sebastien Braun. I went through my entire collection of pictures and placed ones I thought were appropriate on each page. Finally I made German chocolate cupcakes because both Ant and my dad love German chocolate cake. This was a new take on them and a new recipe. I think they came out good, but as always I feel they could be better.

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