Monday, August 17, 2009

daddy's back!

um, I said I wanted the REAL thing!

yeah, im talkin' to yu!

i guess he is ok.

It is funny how little girls really love their daddys. I have only left her side only one day since she was born...her daddy has gone to San Diego, Woodshole and just got back from a 6 week stint in Australia, yet for her it is as if he never left. It is almost as if she has rediscovered him. She is so in love with him...lights up when she sees him, only wants him to hold her...will go into laughing fits with him. I guess I have become the disciplinarian and Daddy's is the fun one. Oh well, she is a happy baby with both her parents and it is nice to have a partner back, so we can tag team and get 10 percent of what needs to get done, done. He brought her back this koala bear puppet and she seems to like it. She would have much rather preferred the real thing, but apparently Australia is quite protective of their endangered species...gees.

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