Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Emma's smile

Last week while attempting to spend a nice famiy day out and about, my wallet was stolen. As I was about to pay for some items at the Gap I saw my zipper open and no wallet in sight. After so many previous false alarms where my heart sinks to my spine as I frantically try to loctate my wallet, I knew this time I would not find it at the bottom of my purse. The funny thing was that I was surprisingly calm. After a string of less than desirable events that have happened to me in the past months, I just felt numb and couldn't react. I look over to Emma who was mindfully watching people, and she looked up at me and just smiled. Her smile just let me know that it was all going to be ok. I realized that in the scope of things, it is just a wallet that was worth more than anything it had inside but when compared to the value of having Emma in my life, was worthless. As cheesy as this is, at times you need to just reflect and take things in perspective. Every day with Emma, she grants me the ability to appreciate what really is important in life and I can gladly say goodbye to my strong attachment to material items. I'm not saying I dont go gaga over each new season at Anthropolgie, but.....I mean, just look at her...the lil' punk...She is my Gucci purse.

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