Wednesday, September 23, 2009

emma on the metro north

i shouldnt have had that last shot of tequila

arent I a doll?

come on ride the rain!!

emma on a train trip into the city to see some friends from europe

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  1. What the?! What in heaven's name are you feeding that child? She's practically 4 feet tall. And she's not even 1! Haven't I told you to keep her off the 'roids? And clearly, as evidenced in the first photo of these metro north pics, you must be holdin' out on the expensive tequila. She only gets that crazy face when she's had the cheap stuff. I mean, I know times is tuff, but you shouldn't be withholding da ninj from her favorite juice. She got that crazy look in her eye that night we went bar hoppin' and celebratin' cinco de mayo...they only gave her the 'bottom' shelf tequila...she couldn't afford top shelf. What kind of enablers are you?!