Wednesday, September 23, 2009

emma just lounging

i wanna rock!!

just chillin'

why, hello foot

and point

and flex

it has been a while since i posted anything, but we moved out to the burbs and are just having a hard time settling in. Inbetween boxes and a one year old, there is just not enough time. Yes emma is almost one. I cannot believe it!!! one year ago today i had a false alarm and was heading for trip one to Mt emma is healthy and happy and just full of life. She sometimes likes to just lounge in her high chair or even the supermarket cart, as if she were a bon vivant. she looks so comfortable with one leg up and lean back. what a life.

1 comment:

  1. emma is practicing her moves. she's trying out for the rockettes this year, hence all the pointing and flexing. she said she couldn't wait around for baby jesus to bring her toys this holiday she's hittin' the pavement and looking for work. she has her audition next needs a new pair o' shoes.