Wednesday, January 27, 2010

merry christmas...i know

So Christmas was quiet and uneventful. I somehow thought that I would be filled with all those nostalgic Christmas feelings I had slowly grown unaware of through each passing year. Age somehow takes away a certain joie de vivre whether you wish to admit it or not. I was waiting to feel that anticipation for xmas morning, that giddy, uncontained feeling of joy to see all those lovely presents under the tree. With each passing year, it gets harder to let go of certain grown up truths or realities, yet I still crave that innocence and wonder that I see in Emma's eyes. I somehow thought that having a child would bring back those happy, holiday, hallmark moments. Perhaps it is that Emma is still too young to understand what is going on. She is just grasping the notion of unwrapping presents and is far more interested, in not of the actual gift, but the container the gift came in. She will spend hours playing with an empty box and shredding paper. She was very happy to be around grandma and grandpa. She loves attention and music and commotion. She loved playing with all three of her cousins. I have never seen her get so involved in child play, running and bouncing all over the place. It brought a bit of sadness to Ant and me when we realized how important family is and how happy Emma was to be around a crew of people. The thought of going back to cold NY just was not pleasing at the moment. Anyway, we made the most of out time there, as short as it was, it was well spent. So here are some pics of Emma's day with her family.

what's in here package?

ew, you are going to get it now!!!

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