Wednesday, February 3, 2010


It is amazing how the most basic things is what we take for granted. Simple things like a hug or gesturing the need for a diaper change, bring tears to my eyes. Emma is just becoming more and more independent. Children really are like sponges and she seems to be soaking up everything around her. The other day I could smell that she needed a diaper change and I asked her if she went poopoo. She replied by lifting up her dress. This is the second time she has done this , on her own. I never taught her to gesture like that. It is such a mundane gesture, perhaps would go unnoticed by anyone else, but to me it was monumental. It marked the beginning of emma telling me when something is bothering her or needs to get done. She is also learning to feed herself with utensils, tho messy, it is endearing. She still resorts to her feral way but these are all baby steps. anyway, I thought i would write down these milestones since I am not dong a good job of keeping an actual baby book. She is also hugging now, which seems innocuous, but she isnt a very affectionate baby and up until now hasnt found the need to demonstrate affection. While other babies like being held and cuddled, emma couldn't stand being swaddled and always broke free from such things. She never really sits still long enough for anyone to enjoy just holding her, but lately she will cling a little bit longer and out of now where put her arms around your neck and squeezes with such passion that I never want to let go. To feel the warmth of her little body pressed against mine, that she is choosing to hold me for no other reason than she feels like, is indescribable. These hugs come few and far in between but today she did it on our way home for lunch and it made my week. She turned her head to see me and then went back to the hug.

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