Thursday, February 11, 2010

Im just another proud parent

Emma amazes us each day. She does little things that just blow our minds; and yes, I believe all parents believe their kids are baby genius. On Tuesday, Feb 9, Emma scolded Gato. He as single handedly destroyed her foam playmat by using it as his own personal scratching post. Every time we hear that grating, plucking sound, we yell at him, "No gato, no!" Apparently kids really do learn by example and WILL pick up everything. That morning Gato started his daily dose of destruction and all of sudden I hear emma say "neh gato neh,neh" She cant seem to say words NO yet, so it sounds like she is a Russian baby. It was so endearing that she took it upon herself to scold that little rat bastard. And emma is a fan of her belly button, pointing it out to you when you ask her in spanish "donde esta tu ombligito?". She will also point to yours if you are brave enough to show her your belly. Last night she started to recognize ducks and say some sort of version of pato and during Biz' beat of the day emma started to beat box herself. The thing is you need to catch her doing most of these things without letting her know you are watching her. If she becomes aware she has an audience she will stop and good luck getting her to repeat it. She is my lil' princess/wrecking ball. practicing her animal noises

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