Thursday, February 4, 2010

sick day

no picture today. Emma caught a stomach bug and was throwing up all night. She actually made dry heaving look adorable, with her little lip smacking noises. She was such a trooper, I must say. She never cried once, she would just stop, hold still and start making a "coughing up a hair ball noise." She would then fall right back asleep. She actually let me hold her the whole night, so I took advantage of the situation. Emma is never still, not even when she sleeps, so to just be able to relax on the poang and rock her to sleep was divine. IT did break my heart to hear her whimpering but I am amazed at how resilient she is and just kept on trucking through the night. I remember being way more whiny and cranky when I was sick, hell Im like that now. So, for today no cute outfit, just lots of fluids and rest for my baby.

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