Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Yesterday at lunch I went to Target to get some household items and I swung by the toy section to see if they had any Angelina Ballerina toys. Angelina is E's latest obsession. Anyway, as I walked over to the toy aisle, I passed a woman who was with both her parents and she was looking for something in particular. I heard her dad point out one type of brand, to which she laughed and told him that she didn't need anything that fancy. This made me smile because I have had that similar conversation with my father who always wanted to give me(us) the best. If I asked for a simple CD player, he would come home with a 6 disc, fancy stereo. I guess all daddies are like that with their little girls. After the smile I was filled with a dull ache as it hit me that I would never walk the aisles of a department store with my dad and have him point out things to me. My father's health has been declining, as I have mentioned before, but now it seems to be accelerating at a speed none of us were prepared for. Granted no one ever can tell, but I am leaving tonight to be with him and provide respite care for my mom, who needs a break. So I will be absent for three weeks and hope to find some of you here when I come back. If I can find a chance to blog from home, I shall. I hope this trip is filled with as much joy as it shall heartache. My father is a silent man but a great man, who wasn't business savvy but he always worked for his family and gave what he could and to quote Colonel Potter from MASH,(one of my dad's favorite shows) "I don't care how poor a man is , if he has family, he is rich"

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