Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Book of the Week-Red Wagon

Yes, I know I am two days behind. I tell ya lack of sleep will really make a gal uber crabby. Anyway, this week's book might look a little familiar to you, as I have already spoken about how much I love the illustrations that Renata Liwska did for the Quiet Book. Liwska just came out with her her first written and illustrated book, The Red Wagon and it really is a dream of a book. The same adorable characters I so loved from the Quiet Book come back in the Red Wagon and I cannot express how much I adore her illustrations. They are just so divine, so soft and warm, that I want to hug all of her the little woodland creatures.
In the Red Wagon we follow Lucy the fox who wants to play with her new wagon but as life goes, she must do her chores first. Her mother sends her off on an errand to the market and on her way their she meets some friends and little by little her red wagon transforms itself into new worlds of adventure. This story is so sweet and true, as we have all watched our children play for hours on end with the box that the 50 dollar toy came in. Children have a huge capacity to imagine and entertain themselves that I wonder at what point did we as adults lose sight of the such possibilities. This book will remind us that the best toys are often those that require nothing more than imagination.
Side note, Emma has not given this her approval as she is currently not allowed to read picture books, only board books as I am trying to teach her a lesson about not destroying books. She does however love the Quiet Book and I cannot wait until the companion book, The Loud Book comes out later this month!!
Please check out Renata's blog, Pandas and Such, to see more of her work.

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