Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cute things update

she stills loves Gato to death

E is really trying to be good, and though she is still a nut, she does things that melt my heart.
I mentioned how she likes to tell me to go to the kitchen when she doesn't want me watching her. Well, the other night, she told Ant to not only go to the kitchen but to go clean in the kitchen. It was really funny. She has also started saying new words that I know she is learning at school..oh did I not mention how she started preschool, I'll get back to that. SO the other day in the bathroom she was washing her hands and water got on her stool and she could feel her shoes making a squeaky sound so she tells me that it is "slippery". She has also told me that "Emma is faster than mommy". I can tell what the teacher tells Emma because she all of a sudden will start saying "Emma come back" as she is running away from me and when she sees her school she will start asking "is everybody here?" or "where's teacher?" She has also started saying "yes" instead of "ok" and "I don't like". I have noticed that she chooses to use more English words now but I am not giving up on Spanish! I do miss her "no quieres".
I bought Emma a doctor play set which she chose and said "play doctor" and she is so cute when she uses it. The first time she used it I could tell she has memorized what her own doctor tells her. She put the stethoscope to my chest and said "all good" and "beautiful". Then she asked me if I was "all better". So now poor Ephy and Gato are her patients and she loves checking their blood pressure and giving them their shots.

She knows I love my Golden Girls and she can now say Golden Girls and sing the theme song but she also knows that I like to watch I love Lucy. The other day my mom was watching an old black and white movie and Emma said "Es Lucy, momma's turn" it was really sweet how she deduces things, oh my baby, almost three! I cannot believe goes so fast!

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