Thursday, September 22, 2011


getting ready for the open house...

E's first day of school

So Miss E started school last week and how I haven't lost one pound is beyond me. I could not eat for three days straight. I was so nervous about her behavior, but not about the whole separation part. See Emma has never had separation anxiety. I knew she would be fine, but her listening and focusing and not sitting still do worry me. All that plus she started hitting about two weeks before she started school have left me a wreck.
Well, at the open house thank god my mom came with me because E made a beeline straight to the playground and I lost her. I stayed in the room and listened to what the teacher had to say. Then as the teacher is talking, you hear off in the distance this voice yelling and it is coming closer and closer and I know who it is. Emma comes running back into the classroom yelling "adddvvvveeeennnnttttuuuuurrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" and everyone stops to look at her and I just sigh.
Then on her first official day of school Emma is doing pull ups on a the door's handle bar and acting like a nut and within the first 5mns that she is in school she hits a boy who tried to take her spatula away. I'm mortified but everyone else seems to think this is normal. Then when I go to pick her up I hear her crying and see that she is the only one sitting on a chair . All the other kids are sitting quietly on the floor for circle time and she is in a chair crying , her face is all red and I can see the tears and my heart is breaking, it just is. I try so hard not to cry and ask why she is on the chair, but I know...she was rolling around and not listening, she was running around and grabbing things she wasn't supposed to, she dumped a whole tub of glitter. My worst fears had come true. I am thinking quickly what I can do fix the situation and then I remember the teacher telling me about the class sizes , so I ask to move Emma to the smaller classes, which only have 6 kids as opposed to 14 and it really has made a difference. I still get told that she needs to focus and redirect her attention, and I pray that in a few months there are huge strides made...but I still have a gnawing feeling that perhaps it is something that just cannot be controlled. Anyway, E seems to like school, she always walks in with a smile.

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