Tuesday, January 31, 2012

E's Bedroom

E's bedroom is coming together quite nicely. It sort of just happened. I didn't start of with a view or theme, I just had some items that I had bought because of my affinity for owls and then little by little her room blossomed. Both Pottery Barn Kids and Target have a very similar line with a pink, light green palette. Her ivory colored changing table was the first thing I ever bought for her, and since it is a keeper, the rest of her furniture would be in that hue. I would love to have more room to put a nice bookcase in her room, as she loves to read and adores her books. She needs them to fall asleep, but for now, a small magazine rack sits next to her bed.

Well, the latest additions to her room are this great mirror I found in the trash. It is a dumpster find. I just loved it and cleaned it up and voila! We finally removed the changing table topper and now she has a proper dresser. The ballerina lamp I so love, is on it now, but Ant broke it and his "im going to fix it", is now on its 7th month. So for now its more decorative than functional.

Her godmother, tina banina, made her the most beautiful bunting with her name on it and it hangs below her great-grandmother's embroidered handkerchief.

I finally moved her butterfly mobile into her room and it really is one of my favorite pieces, though E has gotten some of the butterflies in a real tangled mess.

I love her Fox art wall.

Her tina banina also brought back from London these lovely wall hooks from this great shop called Sass and Belle. I was finally able to move her birthday E into her room. I still hvae a lot of work to do, but I do enjoy just hanging out in her room, it is so quiet and gets the best light in the whole apartment!

now for my newest find that I love, but am kind bummed someone else took my idea and is selling them for way, way too much money, are these lovely wool animals that I found in Mexico. The owl and rabbit are the first ones I bought in 2010. I went back this Xmas to the same lady at la Cuidadela and found a larger variety of animals. I will take pictures of E's collection, but for now, you can see the rabbit, owl and giraffe. They are done so wonderfully with such attention to detail, great material and so affordable. I mean I've seen what they are selling for in the US and it is such a mark up. I paid 50 pesos for my rabbit and 80 for the owl, which are like $3.50 and $6.00. Anyway, I'm not going to advertise the company that is exploiting my people, but if you want one, I can get you one within the year :)

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