Thursday, January 12, 2012

school "holiday" party

E had her first school Christmas party and I was so happy to be able to volunteer. I ordered nut free cupcakes from this bakery which actually got the order wrong and wanted to give me 1 dozen Hanukkah cupcakes with dreidels on top. Clearly this lady was a tad senile but they managed to scrounge up some nondenominational cupcakes. I read to the kids some stories and then they all ate a sugary lunch. I love making gift bags so I made them crayons in the shape of Christmas trees and snowmen. I realized a bit late how Christmas trees might not have been secular enough, but no one seemed to mind. I still have so many of those small muslin bags that they were used once more and then I topped them off with some labels I downloaded-I forgot where, sorry. The best part of that day was that I got to spend it with E!

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