Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mom, are you der?

I had a funny, somewhat embarrassing, moment with E on Friday morning. I just cannot wake up early anymore. It physically hurts to open my eyes and wake from my slumber. The ninj, she has the opposite problem. Aint no amount of chocolate that will keep her in her bed past 7am. The plus side of her early habits is that she becomes my backup alarm. She will only go without her "cerios"for so long and does a good job of getting me out of bed. Well, Friday morning she came into my room sometime around 745 a.m.ish. She said she broke her book and handed me the book with ripped out pages. E has a history with ripping her books for no good reason, so she knew she would get a time out. In my sleepy haze I told her to go to the kitchen for a time out. I then quickly passed back out. Then what seemed like the next day, I hear a little voice calling out from afar, "hello? mom, are you der? anybody here? hello" I look at my phone and notice it is now 8:01am. My poor girl had been in a 15mn time out and she actually stayed put for me.
I was mortified but then amused because I also hear Emma going through the motions of the time out, where you ask them what they did to get a time out and have them apologize. My poor girl was asking herself, "what you do? what Emma do? I broke book, sorry for breaking book". My heart just melted, so I ran to the kitchen to relive her, only to see that she had taken a pink marker and basically painted her entire face. There was another timeout for that.
The marker didn't quite come off so I had to explain to her teacher that those marks were from a marker and not scratches or an allergic reaction. Never a dull moment with da ninj.

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  1. This is seriously one of the best Ninj stories ever. Anyone who doesn't find this hilarious, basically has no pulse. And then, to add insult to injury, she gets a second time out after being on extra long time out. The irony. Oh, Ninjaroo!!!