Thursday, January 12, 2012

new year...

Wow, the last two months of 2011 just flew by and I promise I will try my hardest to post at least three times a week! I also promise to bring back my book of the week! So to recap a bit starting at Thanksgiving...E and I flew down to Tampa since we knew we would not be there for Christmas. It was a little strange because in the days leading up to our departure, it kinda hit me that my dad is really gone. I found myself longing to see him, to hug him. You know that clear vision we all carry with us of how it feels to greet a loved one after not seeing them for a while; that memory, his voice and expected "hey girl" was what was starting to gnaw at me. I knew I would not be hearing his voice and that soon a new memory of what it feels like to come home would start to become the norm for me. See Thanksgiving was his holiday. My father was always working, but on Thanksgiving and Christmas he would stay home. He would be in the kitchen working hard like some sort of culinary mad scientist. He loved to cook and I loved knowing that I was about to eat something pretty amazing. So, I took things in stride, I tried to do some of his staple recipes like his bourbon sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie and I really wish some had told me that pumpkin pie spice is all of spices needed for pie in one container. Needless to say my pie came out a little extra spicy.

Anyway, Emma was very happy to be back at "emma's house" and right away wanted to see Logan. She really loves him. Thanksgiving was uneventful, my brother and his wife do not, how do I say, have a way of making one feel at home. Their idea of having family over is everyone just grab a plate and sit wherever...and to be honest I was kinda wishing we could all sit at the table, talking and laughing. My brother sat in the living room watching TV while my sister in law ate in the kitchen alone. It was a bit bizarre, but Emma was happy to be with Logan and really that is all that matters. After wards we went to my friend Luana's house that is always loud and crazy and warm and just what I needed.
While at my mom's house, E took no time to feel right at home. She loves having a big house and bigger car and a backyard to run around in. She is so happy outside. I also love my backyard. It was one of my favorite places to play in as a kid. We had a swing set and my brother and I would just spend hours outside, playing, climbing trees. There is also my grapefruit tree and I say MY because if ever that house is gone, I don't know how, but that tree is coming with me!!! E helped me collect some grapefruits one day and below are some pics ...

Emma loves just taking leaves and snow and throwing them up in the air.

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