Tuesday, January 31, 2012

da ninj

She is a nut. She is into her walking like Mowgli phase and thinks she is a dog and walks on all fours. All things aside, she really is growing up so fast. On Sunday Emma made this sound that I hadnt heard in a long while. I was reminded of how she really is no longer a baby. When E was a baby, she would lull herself to sleep by doing this humming, grumbling sound. It was so funny and reassuring to hear because that was our cue that she was really falling asleep.
E also is speaking better, enunciating more clearly, describing things with such delight. She is a ham and loves making us laugh, I don't think I have ever seen Emma be moody or angry. She is always all smiles, and sillies. She loves school and loves playing school at home. She will do circle time with her imaginary friends, and call out all her classmates name. I can totally hear her teacher in Emma.

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