Tuesday, February 7, 2012

cute stuff

E sometimes does the sweetest, funniest things. She apparently thinks that I can fix any and everything with either glue or tape; and anything that isnt working just needs "baderries". The other night Ant was laying on the floor and he was pretending to not feel well so he could just relax for a moment. E told Ant "dad, wait der" and got up and ran to my junk drawer, grabbed a small piece of tape and ran back to Ant. She placed that small piece of tape on his belly and said "Emma fix, all bedder ". That was the loveliest thing I think she has ever done and it brought a tear to my eye. Ant then magically got better.
E also does listen to things I tell her but chooses to only follow what I tell her when it is towards her advantage. For example, at night I tell her that the sun has gone to sleep as she should and that we don't get out of bed until the sun is out. This morning she was again in my bed tossing and turning and I told her that the sun was still asleep and that she needed to be asleep as well. Mind you I have black out curtains in my room. She proceeds to pulls open the curtain and say, "uh uh, the sun waking up. Its morning. The sun waking up". Damn, she caught me with my own rule and I had to get out of bed at that point. Oh well, mornings have been getting better since I have now an extra hour to just hang with her, eating chocolate circles and watching Lucy on the tely.

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