Monday, February 6, 2012

You will be my Friend

yeah, Gato always has to get in the picture with Emma.

So back to my weekly book pick. I know I have mentioned my love for Peter Brown and his books, Chowder and Children Make Terrible Pets. He really is wonderful because he not only illustrates his books with such charm, but he also writes his own stories, which are just a lot of fun to read. Emma is a HUGE fan of his latest book, You Will Be My Friend, where we see Lucy from Children Make Terrible Pets reappear once more and try to make a friend with a variety of different animals. She goes throughout the forest in search of the perfect friend only to fall short with each attempt. She is at times clueless and gets so frustrated that I feel we all can relate to what it was to be a child and want to have a friend play with you. Lucy is just searching to find that one person with whom she can share a picnic, go dancing and swimming and climbing trees. I also find this book to be very humorous and I love when Lucy casually asks the Ostrich what it feels like to fly. This is an enjoyable book for you and your wee one and the best part is I just discovered that they sell the Lucy doll! E loves acting the book out with Lucy.

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