Thursday, February 2, 2012


practicing her judo kicks

she really loves mirrors, she is a tad vain

"all by myself"-that is her new favorite line

One of the first places we ever took Emma was to Ikea. She was just two months old and she loved it. She smiled and was so well behaved. We enjoy taking her there because you actually are encouraged to touch and sit and run and everywhere you are, whether its waiting in line to return, or eating lunch, they have kids toys to keep them busy. They also have Small Land, an indoor play area that we have been eying since we first brought E. They have it marked that you have to be something like 36 inches tall. So when E hit that mark last year, we quickly went to drop her off, only to be turned away because they fail to have posted how the child must also be 100% potty trained. So finally this past weekend, E had meet the requirements needed. E loved small land, the giant clog/slide and ball bin. She did not want to leave Small Land. It was nice to be able to look at things in peace.

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