Tuesday, February 14, 2012

poor Gato

E really does love to torture that cat, even when he is no where to be found. Today in the car Emma was looking at a book that Connie had just given her. There was a small rip one page and Emma started saying "Gato broke my book", and needless to say Gato was not in the car with us. Every day E tells me of something else hurting and how it hurts because Gato scratched her and how Gato bothers Ephy and that Gato needs a time out. That poor cat, but he is ever loyal and faithful to her, watching over her as she sleeps and running to her door at her first cry.

1 comment:

  1. Other things for which Gato is at fault:

    The state of the economy
    The European credit crisis
    The zit on my lip
    The 30 pounds I've gained since college
    The unemployment rate
    My Grey Gardens
    Your Grey Gardens

    That's all I'm saying. He really deserves a serious time out.