Thursday, February 2, 2012


I'm sort of backtracking today. I never quite finished posting about our Xmas trip to Mexico. It was indeed a dream, so relaxing, warm and comforting. Emma just loves Mexico, especially downtown, which is my hands down favorite prat of Mexico. She loves the comotion, noise, the energy. I always feel like I'm transported back in time when Im downtown. I can always hear and feel my grandmother there. She was the one that introduced me to downtown and I spent many an hour just walking the streets, exploring. I notice that it is becoming more modernized but it still retains a nostalgic quality that I hope remains until I get a chance to explore el centro with da ninj.
Well, one of my other favorite places in Mexico is this small town called Tepotzotlan which is about 40mns north of the city. The town itself is quite small and a bit run down but it houses this beautiful monastery that is now a museum. We have been going to Tepotzotlan since I was 8 and I have nothing but wonderful memories of that place. There are three fountains where they have an an open shell and you can throw coins in hopes of having it land inside the shell. My favorite place is the yard, it is so green and quiet. They have this old well that we would climb up on and sit on and we even carved our names in it about 20 years ago. Alas the museum finally caught on and placed a huge sign and mini fence warning people to not climb and deface the well. I would say that the garden area was E's favorite place as

well.needless to say that she loved this.

the water retention wall I spoke of.

I'm outa here

she always seems to be on a mission

always on the go

the Noriega girls

one of the wishing wells

she could only take so much

yep, she rather watch Gato con Botas than take in all the glory.

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