Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Book of the week-Children Make Terrible Pets

This book came out last year and I must say that I had to have picked it up and flipped through it several times, always putting it back. Each time I really wanted to like it but for some reason I would just walk away. It wasn't until this Xmas when I was at Inkwood Books that I read a blurb about it and realized that the author and illustrator Peter Brown is the same Peter Brown who wrote Chowder, one of my all time favorite kid's book. Well I actually took the time to look at and read each page and I just love it. The illustrations are quite different from what I had come to expect. Brown also wrote this other delightful book called the Flight of the Dodo, (worth the read). Well, Children Make Terrible Pets is a sweet tale of a little bear named Lucy, who I must say looks like a cross dressing bear in a tutu and makes her all the more lovable. She finds a little boy in the forest and asks her mom if she can keep him. Her mom proceeds to tell her that "children make terrible pets" but agrees that Lucy can keep him if she is takes full responsibility of him. Lucy is determined to prove she can tame the little boy whom she calls Squeaker. This is a very humorous tale that has teaches a lesson in a very sweet manner. If you love Peter Brown and are interested in learning more about him, please check out his website. It is a lot of fun to navigate through and his illustrations are quite unique.

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