Sunday, February 20, 2011

miracle sunday

This afternoon I shared a wonderful moment with Emma. It was around 12 pm and she was due for her nap. I also need to preface that Emma has become a huge fan of the Princess and the Frog and she loves its jazzy, rag time music the most. I ended up downloading the album for her and she sings the whole album at least twice a day. Well, I played it for her today as I was looking at some blogs and she came over and climbed on my lap and hugged me. She then requested for the "good bye" song which accompanies the credits. Now I never thought I would say the following thing as I am not a Ne Yo fan, but that song is now one of my favorites.

Emma stayed there and let me cradle her. I softly swayed her as the song played and when the next track track came on, I noticed her eyes were getting heavy and by the third song she was out. I say this with such delight because Emma is slightly hyperactive and never lets me hold her, not even as a baby. She has never enjoyed being swaddled or cradled so to have her with me, not fighting or moving, was divine. I left her there for at least 40mns and then I transferred her to her bed. Since I was in front of my computer and wanted a way to document it, I used the photo booth app and snapped a couple of pics. I'm surprised I actually came out looking kinda decent. I mean I slept in and was in my jammiees and hadn't even washed up. It was a miracle that she not only she fell asleep on me, but that the apartment in the background actually looked somewhat clean and that I was actually in the shot with her. I usually am the one behind the lens.
So once E woke up I took her to B&N and as we walked to the car I told her that we needed to hold hands. Now I must also say that it is a constant battle to get her to stay by me and give me her hand. She usually goes all limp and I end up dragging her across the street, but today she gave me her hand willingly, pressed it against her cheek and then kissed it. I was so moved by her gesture that I think I must have been glowing! I told her that I loved her and she repeated it back. She actually behaved well at the store so I'd say it was a great day.

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