Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Date night

Ant was very self conscious and wouldn't let me take pictures but I took one anyway.

Ant and I haven't had a date night since November 2009!!! I guess when you work full time, you want to spend your evenings and weekends together as a family. Plus it is hard to find someone willing to give up their weekend so you can go out and have fun. I was lucky enough to have my dear friend Claudia, and her man Brian, offer to watch the ninj for us this past Saturday night so that Ant and I could go into the city and have a nice pre-Valentine's meal. I trust Claudia whole heartedly but I do worry about Emma's behavior. Will she be a nut and try to scale all their furniture or try and ride their cats as if they were Bullseye. Will she throw food on the floor and make them chase her when its time to put on her pjs-because you see these are all things she does with and for us. Apparently my child likes to be a perfect child when others watch her and apparently she was a dream to care for. It does fill me with pride to know that she is listening to our teachings, I just wish she would show us that wonderful behavior at home.
Later on this week Claudia is going to write a post on her time with da ninj, but for now, for our date night we had a great meal at this amazing Scandinavian restaurant called Aquavit. The food was so fresh and clean-it was perfect. We then went to a really cool speak-easy bar in the Village and once it got a little too crowded we headed to Cookies and Milk for some yummy treats. It was so nice to be out and enjoying our time as a couple and to be able to have a meal without stopping and chasing someone back to the table. We already have Claudia's services booked for sometime in April so we can go celebrate our 4th Anniversary!!! I tell you it really takes a Village to raise a family.

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