Friday, February 11, 2011

fix it

Her very first trip to Natural History. She was exactly 5 months old and this day we saw two small Chiclets breaking through her bottom gum.

Emma is really rough with her things and I don't know why. Whenever she breaks things, I will say "oh no, Emma Broke". She caught on rather quickly what broke meant and every time something fell apart, I would say, "it's OK, Mommy fix".
Around Christmas time, she switched from saying something broke to "mama fix" or just "fix". It was fine until she would ask me to fix tings I could not fix, like ripped paper or shattered plastic toys.
Well, on MLK day this year we took her to the Museum of Natural History and when we got inside she saw a giant dinosaur, but as you all know it was just the bones. She started pointing at it and asking us to "fix". It was really sweet how she understood that one's bones should not be visible, but at the same time it was a little heartbreaking to know we could not fix it. We did explain to her about bones, but I don't think she understood, she then started climbing and running and doing her usual ninja moves.

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