Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Itty bitty in the city

these are pics from her very first trip to the Met, 2 years ago. I should have brought my camera yesterday.

I was a little bummed that my three day weekend was turning into a three day stay at home fest, so I decided that I was going to take Emma into the city yesterday because I really wanted to go to the Met. I love period rooms and their newly renovated American Wing is my favorite spot! Not a lot of people go there so it is never crowded and I thought I would just risk taking the ninj in hopes she would fall asleep. At the last minute Ant asked if we should take the portable DVD player and at first I said no, but then I decided that we should, just in case. At this moment I would like to give a shout out to the inventors of the portable DVD player, thank you!

I do want to say that Emma did really well on the bus and subway ride into the city. She actually stayed somewhat seated. Then at the Met she is being her usual self, the one that needs to be running around like a gazelle. I was getting upset and thought it was going to be a tag team effort. I thought for sure she would have napped, but she was just too overstimulated. So I ended up putting in her stroller and whipping out the Princess Frog, letting people stare at the irony of the situation and going to the top of the American Wing where it is dark and quiet. Within 15mns she was out and we were able to look at EVERYTHING in peace. We decided to take advantage of a sleeping baby-her naps are about 3 hours, so we went to Pain Quotidian for some lunch, but I guess the cold was too much and she woke up. She was super bundled and under plastic but I guess she felt the energy of the city and couldn't be held down.

So after lunch we walked back to the subway and Emma didn't want to sit in the stroller. I told her if she wanted to walk she needed to hold onto the stroller and you know what ? She did just that!!! I was amazed how well she was walking side by side with the stroller, never letting go. After a while she didn't want to hold onto it anymore and I told her that the only way she could continue walking is if she held my hand. By golly she did it and I must say since most of the times I walk with Emma she is either screaming or going limp, it was wonderful to be walking the streets of Manhattan in a calm fashion with a civilized Emma. It was actually her first time walking the streets, she has always been in a Bjorn or stroller. I got a little emotional because her walking on her own just made me realize she really is growing up. Soon I wont need the stroller. She looked so cute I only wish I had a camera.

Anyway, it was a really nice day...nothing special but just nice.

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