Wednesday, February 9, 2011

music and movement

I have been looking for things I can do with the ninja on Wednesday mornings since Weds. are my late nights. When Emma was a baby my dream was to take a mommy and me yoga class, but alas it never happened. Most of the mommy and me classes that looked interesting were always during the work week and I never understood why that was the case. It seems little consideration is given to the working mom. Well, I found this Movement and Music class at the Children's Library that fit into my free time and I have been wanting to take her for the past two weeks but due to sever winter storms I have not been able to.
I must admit I was a little nervous to see how Emma would behave as she is a very hyper child and has never been in a group/class situation. I must say she actually did well, until story time when she lost interest. But before that we all sat in a circle and the lady leading the group started singing and playing music. I was the only one that didn't know any of the words but my heart was filled with happiness when I saw Emma's face illuminated with such glee. She clapped and shook her head and stomped her feet and there were two songs in particular that she loved. They basically are the same song but with different animals, one being a bunny and the other a fish. The bunny song starts off with them sleeping, all quiet and then they wake up and hop. It was during the hopping part that Emma had her diva moment. She basically pushed me aside and made her way center stage and went crazy. All the other kids were being reserved and shy but not my girl. She was jumping so high and with such pizazz. The fish song had them swimming and Emma was swimming like Michael Phelps. It was nice and refreshing to be out doing something with her and Emma really wore herself out which is what she needed.

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