Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pictures from Emma's hall pass night!

as Claudia put it, "two geniuses at work"

channeling her inner Pollock

getting booked for petty theft at the Rego Park B&N

such a dainty meal for a dainty girl

look Uncle B, why don't you send some of those beans my way. I know you ain't gonna finish them!

I could get used to this

somebody partied a little too hard with tita

wowowowo, she's a lady

Here are some hilarious pics that accompany Claudia's earlier post. They are just too much in a good way!


  1. Is it wrong that I'm commenting on my own photos? I suppose that makes it just as pathetic...but I have to say, Da Ninj photographs rather well...and she looks particularly dainty and lady like after polishing off a bottle of wine. Man, I'm so going to hell for that photo...

  2. stop!!! at least it was a fine wine and a good year!!!