Thursday, February 17, 2011

Night time

you can see that foot testing the waters


I still see you!

Ever since Emma learned how to open doors it has been an uphill battle to get her to not only sleep in her room but to say in her room. She does do the cutest thing though, where she will open the door just wide enough to stick out her foot , as a way to test the water, and then when she thinks the coast is clear she emerges. All the while I'm just watching her form my bedroom and when she sees me she does a cute jump and then slams the door shut. She will sometimes sacrifice her toys and send them out first to see if the coast is clear. All you hear is the loud thump of plastic hitting the floor. I really wish I could film her in action but it all comes down to timing and with her you just never know. Here are some pics of her trying to make a break.

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