Friday, February 11, 2011

You're how old?!

The only TV Emma watches are DVDs of TV shows and movies. Like I said in a previous post, Emma is into princesses now and Jasmine is one of her favorites. I have been showing her these movies on VHS! Yes, I have all the old Disney movies on VHS. I was pulling out our TV/VCR combo out so she and her nanny could watch them today and then I stopped to look at the boxes they came in. The plastic had turned all yellow and were so brittle they were cracking all over. The state of these boxes made me question just how old they really are and when I did the math I realized my Cinderella VHS tape, the actual tape in my hands, is older than my sitter! I gave myself a little heart attack. WTF, I am old!! And the Aladdin VHS is only a couple of years younger than her! I am still kinda numb. My sitter wasn't even born when I was given Cinderella. Anyway...

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