Wednesday, February 23, 2011


images via Claudia Sanchez

Emma started saying some cute things this past weekend. One was, "its cute" when she found a stuffed frog at Borders.

The other adorable thing is, "I'll be right back". I always tell her this when I'm trying to get her to sleep or when I go into the kitchen to get her a snack. She was out of goldfish the other day and she looked at me and said "more fish? I'll be right back" as she ran into the kitchen. She really is too much.

Finally, she started saying nononononono in rapid succession. It is hilarious and I was wondering where she got that from and then I heard myself telling her nononono and I knew. Kids really do pick up everything! Yesterday she was having a hard time falling asleep for her nap. I thought she was out and started to get up and she said "nonononono" and grabbed my hand and then pressed it into her chest so I would be spooning her. It just warmed my heart!

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