Monday, February 7, 2011

emma the enforcer part two

The minute I left my apartment getting to work became a scene from a Hollywood movie. You know the one where a voice proceeds to tell you how a certain tragedy could have been avoided had the person left the apartment 5mns earlier and taken a right turn instead of a left. Well that was me and my never ending journey to get to work. Anyway, before that my morning was somewhat amusing. Emma was eating really well and watched as I fed the cats their wet food. I was holding off on giving them their dry food but Emma is way too observant and unforgiving. She gave the empty bowls and me a very perplexing look and when she saw I wasn't budging, she decided to take it upon herself to give them their dry. I must say she actually did a pretty good job of not making a mess and only giving them a small amount, too bad our cats were not hungry and Ephy proceeded to walk away. Emma then began to plead with him, "come lunch, please come lunch. come back, gato no" It is funny and strange how she understands what pleading is yet completely ignores my own pleas.
Emma had another funny interaction with Ephy this morning. Since Emma can open doors now with such ease, I have come to expect to see her little face when I wake up. I now have not only have a cat head butting me but a child asking me to sing her the Hot Dog song. It does make me feel loved to have them both compete for my attention, but when you are trying to squeeze in every last second of sleep you kinda lose perspective. Well, Emma was getting irritated at Ephy being the one next to me so she would plead with him, "Ephy stop it, Ephy go". This is even more amusing since had it been Gato there Emma would have just shoved him right off the bed or began hitting him. Why she treats Ephy as if he were some sort of equal is beyond me.

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