Friday, February 11, 2011

Weekday roundup

I know I need to take more pics of Emma, I am trying but her sleep cycle has thrown me off kilter. It seems, and I almost don't want to say anything, it seems she is starting to fall into a somewhat normal routine. Well, Emma has done some really cute things lately. Her new thing now is when she wakes up she will start transferring items from her room into mine and I will wake up in a sea of books, tea sets, fake food and stuffed animals. Yesterday she took my hand, while I was asleep and used it as a tool to help get her in bed. This morning I was starting to get a little worried as it was 7am and there were no signs of the ninj. Then I hear her little voice counting in English the steps from her room to mine. It was too cute. She then hopped in bed and red her YGG books.
She is very demanding and I think I might be indulging her a bit, I mean she is the only child and doesn't interact with other kids and I need to start curbing her "me me me" attitude. She throws fits when she doesn't get her way and the only way we can give her time out is by putting in her high chair. She is a nut but we love her.
Well, Emma has gotten really good at counting in both English and in Spanish up to 15 and sometimes she gets them in perfect order and other times she jumps around. She really loves to sing and can sing a lot of YGG songs and jingle bells word for word. She understands that "shhh" can be used as a form of surprising someone and the other day she heard someone say "do you want a surprise" to a child and Emma jumped and said "shhh, it's a surprise, happy birthday!" They way her mind connects things is so fascinating. She recognizes Mickey Mouse ears and will see them every where, as well as snowmen. I was eating sushi the other day and had three rolls in a row and Emma pointed and said "snowman" Ant and I said no, but when we looked at it from her angle we were impressed.
Finally, it cracks me up how Emma will read in low voice when I pretend to sleep. She will look up and see my eyes closed and then proceed to mouth the words.

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