Thursday, February 10, 2011


first few days with us, she loved to sleep on daddy's chest.

playing with her feet in her bassinett

first night in her crib

learning how to pull herself up

on our big bed

growing, growing

she still loves her stuffed animals

sleeping in a pack n play while visiting Tampa. She would sleep here until she outgrew it as well.

in her Tampa big girl bed

converted toddler bed

big girl bed

Since Emma was born I have watched her sleep every single night of her life. I peek in to check on her and give her one last goodnight kiss. It is at night when she is just the epitome of peace, all stretched out and tangled in her sheets. I love the little lip smacks she makes when I try and adjust her and the sound of her breathe as she falls back asleep. I remember fondly her first nights home, sleeping or not sleeping, with us in our bed. Then graduating to her bassinet and eventually her crib, which made her look like Thumbelina. It was in her crib where she stood for the first time and rolled over 180 degrees. She loved to stand and make faces at us. I remember her waiting for us to come get her out and she was always so happy, laughing and cooing. With each day she got stronger and more assertive until eventually she started climbing out of the crib. We converted her crib to a toddler bed and sleepless nights ensued but eventually she learned to stay in her bed. Now she has a big girl bed and I'm floored with how fast it has all happened.

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