Thursday, September 16, 2010

cute things she says

The other day I was in the kitchen while emma was playing in the living room and my phone was ringing. I was too busy preparing supper that I just let it ring and then all of a sudden I hear emma cry out "mama!" " mama phone"
It was so sweet how she was telling me that my phone was ringing. She is my little helper. She will also repeat words like a parrot only to never utter them again. She loves to sing and it is so wonderful when she serenades me! She loves to sing the name game and will go through all her toy's names and will also sing the Olivia theme song! She really is a happy child. She calls her poop "yuck yuck yuck" and last night she actually showed interest in her potty. She sat on it and kept saying peepee pee and yuck yuck yuck, but nothing happened. Then she started throwing her Mike doll in the little potty saying "Mike peepee" and then proceeded to try and drop him in the big toilet. I need to keep an eye on that one as i see a lot of clogged toilets in my future! oh miss e! She also has gotten really good at recognizing certain colors, she has azul, purple, yellow and orange down. She is also very smart, she doesn't have green down but she knows that green is the color of trees and every time i ask her what color a green thing is she repsonsed by saying "arbol".
She really loves to dance and will watch most of swan lake. She knows that tada means an arabesque kick and every time she hears classical music she goes "tada" or "kick kick" . She even has Buzz and Jessie dance while humming the tune of Sleeping Beauty. It is quite lovely. On the drive this morning we were listening to Claire de Lune and emma started going "ssssssshhhhhh". It was her time to relax.

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