Thursday, September 30, 2010

sorry and sharing

About a month ago this girl bumped into Emma at the playground and Emma said "im sorry". It was so sweet and a proud moment to hear Emma start using her manners. This morning the swifter mop fell and the handle hit emma on the head and she just looked up at me and said "sorry" I love how she knows sorry is some sort of response to a not good event, yet I need to work on her understanding of when to actually use it.

She also loves to share her food and drink with everyone and her dolls. She will walk up to her dolls and make that fake drinking noise and this morning she went up to her toy box where her lamb was hidden underneath some bears and Emma as always called her lamb baa but this morning she went "sheep sheep". I was impressed she could not only see her sheep but that she used the proper name for it. She really has a good heart and loves to share.

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